Returning to Photography

It all started with this picture.

Scout – Our half Border Collie half Black Lab

In mid 2013 I was offered the chance to give a professional presentation at a conference in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

As well, over the course of a a few years, I was attempting to revive my photography skills. I decided to use this opportunity to focus my energies on taking remarkable pictures.  The camera I had, a Nikon D80, was older – lacking in resolution, dynamic rage and features that I had heard tell of… so I did hours of research and settled in on a Nikon D300: I picked out a gently used one for $600.

This particular image isn’t technically great – the focus is soft, and the composition could be better, but it defines the beginning in a change in my attitude, approach and a revitalization of my previous skills in photography and the “darkroom” – capturing scenes and moments to remember.