Africa 2015 Part I: Namiri Plains

As part of our New Years Day, my wife and I started planning our travel for the year, when we were free at the same time, how many vacation days I could spend, etc.  At nearly the same time, we had both gotten emails from KLM about great air fares to Eastern Africa.  After some phone calls and exploring of different packages, it was settled: we would be going to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. My goal: a photographic Safari. The first stop was Namiri Plains, a Asilia Africa camp in the eastern Serengeti.

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Returning to Photography

It all started with this picture.

Scout – Our half Border Collie half Black Lab

In mid 2013 I was offered the chance to give a professional presentation at a conference in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

As well, over the course of a a few years, I was attempting to revive my photography skills. I decided to use this opportunity to focus my energies on taking remarkable pictures.  The camera I had, a Nikon D80, was older – lacking in resolution, dynamic rage and features that I had heard tell of… so I did hours of research and settled in on a Nikon D300: I picked out a gently used one for $600.

This particular image isn’t technically great – the focus is soft, and the composition could be better, but it defines the beginning in a change in my attitude, approach and a revitalization of my previous skills in photography and the “darkroom” – capturing scenes and moments to remember.